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How to Choose Good Dog Food? Yinge Reminder: 5 Important Points to Pay Attention to


Dog food, as a staple food for dogs, is a concern for many excrement collectors. So what kind of dog food is better for dogs to eat, not only to meet their daily nutrition, but also to be cost-effective?

In recent years, more and more pets have come into people's sight, and more and more dog food has gradually been introduced. Many pet owners are also troubled by the wide variety of dog food and do not know how to choose, mainly because they are not sure what their dogs need the most. So, how should pet owners choose from numerous brands of dog food?

Next, the editor has organized the knowledge of how to choose dog food for all fecal shovelers, which can be started from the following basic factors.

Age, body type, and breed

Puppies are around 1 year old, adult dogs are 6 to 7 years old, and elderly dogs are 7 to 8 years old. According to body size, it can be divided into small dogs, medium dogs, and large dogs. In terms of variety, there are Teddy, corgi, Jinmao, etc. Due to the needs of growth and development, young dogs have a high demand for calcium and phosphorus, while adult dogs have high requirements for protein, while older dogs pay attention to the elements in their ingredients.


Dogs, like humans, have things they like to eat, but also things they don't like to eat. Some dog food has been bought, and the dog may not like it.

Ingredients List

This is a crucial step. When making a purchase, you should carefully read the ingredient list on the packaging to see if the ingredients are suitable for your own dog. Also pay attention to the production date and shelf life.


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