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Principle of automatic pet feeder


Automatic feeder, according to its principle can be divided into: 1, hourglass automatic feeder, this feeder does not refer to its appearance like an hourglass, but the feeder food outlet uses the hourglass principle, when the export food outlet is cleaned by the pet, the storage box immediately supplements it. Such feeders cannot be fed regularly and quantitatively, cannot be used for a long time, and can only guarantee feeding for two or three days at most. You either die or starve to death. 2, mechanical control automatic feeder, mechanical automatic feeder, is an automatic feeder on the basis of the hourglass type, the use of mechanical timing device at the exit, regularly open the feeding mouth or box cover, such feeders do not need electricity and batteries, can only feed once or twice. Such products have been eliminated from the market. 3, electronic automatic feeders, electronic automatic feeders, on the basis of mechanical, the use of electronic devices at the food outlet control (electronic alarm clock, time relay, PLC, etc.), regularly open and close the food outlet, or push food into the box, or push the box to the outlet. These feeders are electrically or battery-operated and can be set for multiple timed, quantitative feedings. Now the vast majority of automatic feeders on the market belong to such products, and according to the different functions of the use of electronic devices, some are simpler and more feature-rich. Of course, the price of rich features is also rich. 4, intelligent feeders, combined with intelligent devices, through the identification of pet weight, appearance, etc., automatically adjust the feeding formula and feeding amount according to the identification data, a pet feeding is completed in the set time will not be fed, and not fed can be fed, to avoid the pet earned food imbalance caused by malnutrition. You can also check your pet's eating at any time through the network, and automatically judge its health through eating. Pet abnormalities can be automatically or manually contact the pet doctor to deal with. This kind of feeder is the top feeder in the pet supply market at present, and the price is also the top.

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