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Large Pet Harness Vest Dog Hunting Coat
  • Large Pet Harness Vest Dog Hunting CoatLarge Pet Harness Vest Dog Hunting Coat
  • Large Pet Harness Vest Dog Hunting CoatLarge Pet Harness Vest Dog Hunting Coat
  • Large Pet Harness Vest Dog Hunting CoatLarge Pet Harness Vest Dog Hunting Coat
  • Large Pet Harness Vest Dog Hunting CoatLarge Pet Harness Vest Dog Hunting Coat

Large Pet Harness Vest Dog Hunting Coat

Our love for pets drives us to create extraordinary expericences that deepen the bond between pets and owners. We've combined our experience, our love for animals, and our knack for innovation to create Large Pet Harness Vest Dog Hunting Coat that serve the needs of pet owners worldwide. Choosing Durable Large Pet Harness Vest Dog Hunting Coat is choosing a family that understands, supports, and shares your journey. We believe that every journey, adventure, loving moment with your pet is a story worth celebrating.

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Product Description

Large Pet Harness Vest Dog Hunting Coat measurements are 24.8" to 34.6" (63 to 88 cm), 31.5" to 41.3" (80 to 105 cm), 13.3" to 17.7" (34 to 44.5 cm), and 11.4" (29 cm) in the back. Perfect for large breeds: Akita, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Huskies, Labradors, Belgian Malinois, etc. A professional working dog vest is ideal for hunting and all outdoor companion dogs, but it is also ideal for police, military, and service canines

· Military-grade Material: Sturdy 1050D nylon with strong stitching for added wearability and durability; heavy-duty, large pet harness vest dog hunting coat ideal for all field applications. Your dog will always be securely tethered when training, hunting, working, or any other event, thanks to the strong pulling force of two metal shoulder buckles. Every pressure load point is well-padded to protect your dog, and the breathable air mesh ensures that your dog is comfortable and well-ventilated.

·Practical Design for Versatile Use: The Molle system has pouches, water bottles, and tactical dog gear attached to both sides. Several hook-and-loop panels to display the individuality of your dog with morale patches and badges a variety of applications for outdoor pleasure, hunting, police enforcement, and personal service

·Ultimate Control and Safety: The attributes of the dog safety harness There are two metal leash connection points for safer walks with your dog: one front clip for training or no-pull control, and one back clip for jogging or recreational walking. Top handle reinforced for added control and simple lifting assistance in both common and dangerous circumstances

·Easy to Use With Complete Adjustment: This dog harness features four quick-release buckles that make it simple to put on and take off. Five fully adjustable straps (two each for the shoulders, chest, and belly) provide a snug fit and optimal mobility.


Lightweight metal buckle with a 1000 lb proof-load test on the dog's shoulder, the area of the dog pulling that can support the maximum weight,

Dog will not break or snap off the harness thanks to stitching by Bartack and X in a box pattern on every joint and load-bearing point.

The harness was created by combining three separate parts, offering five position adjustment (shoulder, chest), and simple and free adjustment in the right

Strong and roomy handle that may be used to lift your dog when getting in or out of the car, as well as to quickly and easily grab the harness when strolling through a crowd.

D-ring Double Leash Clip For everyday strolling, one is sewed on the back close to the dog's neck. another sewed No pull's front chest.

MOLLE/PALs Carrying: Two 1-inch Molle strips sewn into both sides enable your dog to carry gear in a Molle pouch while training, daily walks, or adventurous hiking. A D-ring is also used as a support hook.

The hook and loop panel measures 3" x 4.5" for small, 3" x 6" for medium, 3" x 7.5" for large, and 3" x 7.5" for X-large. Three 1" strips of loop panel are sewn onto both panels to form MOLLE. One long loop panel strip, varying in width depending on the size (small: 1.5", medium/large: 3", X-large: 4"), is sewn down the back of the harness.

One Square Loop Panel (2" x 2" for Small, 2" x 3" for Medium, and 4" x 4" for Large/X-Large) Several patches can be attached to the front chest seam to identify your dog.

Product Description:

Product Name  Large Pet Harness Vest Durable Dog Hunting Coat
Brand Customized
Size M, L, XL
Color Camouflage, black, brown, dark green
Materials  1000D Nylon
Set Option Leash Size Width 2.5cm, Length 97-150cm
MOQ 20pcs
Dog Harness Weight M=250g, L=350g, XL=400g
Feature Padded

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